I’m Jack, or Giacomo Piloni if you prefer; I’m a multidisciplinary art director curious about the world, always seeking new ways to experience advertising and to make it meaningful.


I have been working in the advertising sector since 2014,

for clients such as Netflix, Citroën, Peugeot, Ferrero, Durex, Beck’s, Coca Cola, Nutella and Tim.


Previously, I have worked as a graphic designer and interior designer,

in studios as well as a freelancer. I dealt with brand identity, packaging, editorial graphics, furniture and interior design.


Parallel to my work experiences, I have proactively undertaken independent initiatives such as Homemade Gallery, a contemporary art project

I founded that aims to organize exhibitions of emerging Italian artists

in private spaces through alternative formats and practices.


If you’d like to find out more,

let's get in touch at

Some rewards I received along the way:

AI.BI - EYES - 2016

1 Bronze Film - ADCI Awards Italy



1 Bronze PR - Cannes Lions

1 Gold CYBER

1 Bronze PR - ADCI Awards Italy

2 Silver Sapphire - Cristal Festival

2 Mobius - Mobius Awards